Push Fitness Tips: How to Have a Great Workout

As a personal fitness trainer, I’ve noticed a consistent pattern in workout experiences. I often say, “1 out of every 10 workouts feels terrible, 1 out of every 10 workouts feels amazing.” These amazing workouts do more than just provide good exercise; they empower us, showcasing our potential and progress while igniting our passion to come back stronger.

But what about the other 8 workouts?

Typically, these are the standard sessions where you may not feel exceptional during the workout, but you’re left with a fulfilling sense of accomplishment, knowing it was all worth it.

What if we could increase our chances of experiencing those amazing workouts more frequently? The exciting news is that science can help shift these odds in our favor.

By integrating science-backed fitness tips into our routine, we can increase our chances of experiencing more of those incredible workouts. đź’Ş

The Best Fitness Tips to Have Better Workouts More Often

This article is dedicated to exploring our proven fitness tips that can transform your exercise experience. From structuring your workouts effectively and optimizing pre-workout nutrition to creating a supportive community and celebrating milestones, each section of this article is backed by our experience and with scientific research.

Every fitness tip we provide is not just a matter of speculation, but a product of studied and proven strategies in fitness and health. In this article, we delve into the science behind effective fitness strategies, offering fitness tips that are more than just anecdotal advice.

Let’s get into it!

By following these 8 tips, you can significantly enhance your workout experience and find more joy and success in your fitness journey.

8 Key Fitness Tips for Better Workouts

Fitness Tips #1 - Music

Push Fitness Tips #1) Music: Energizing Your Workout Routine

Get in the mood and stay in the mood by using music as a powerful tool to set the tone for your workout. 

Embrace the transformative power of music in your workouts with these essential fitness tips, how to use it, and learn about the scientific research that backs it up. Music isn’t just a background element; it’s a great tool in amplifying the effectiveness of your exercise routine.

What To Do: 

Leading up to the workout, start playing energizing music that resonates with your workout goals. Put together a playlist just for that session or add some new songs to your current list. This practice can significantly uplift your spirits and prepare you for a great session!

What are the benefits of music in your workout routine?

Music is more than just a mood booster, music serves as a science-supported mechanism to enhance your exercise experience. The benefits are clear:

  • Boosts Your Mood: As one of the critical fitness tips, remember that music profoundly influences your emotions during a workout. It turns a standard session into a more enjoyable and immersive experience.
  • Improves Your Performance: Among the top fitness tips, note that music elevates physical performance. It can lead to more vigorous exercise or extending the duration of your workout with seemingly less effort.
  • Eases the Workout Experience: Music has the unique ability to make your workout seem less challenging. This fitness tip is crucial for maintaining consistency in your exercise routine and possibly pushing your limits.
  • Increases Efficiency: Studies show that music boosts the efficiency of how your body uses oxygen during exercise, a significant advantage for endurance activities.
  • Optimal Tempo Matters: According to research, faster-paced music is more effective for exercise than slower tunes. For optimal results, include quick-tempo songs in your workout playlist.


Incorporating these fitness tips into your workout preparation can totally and completely get your head in the game, ready to take your workout from ordinary to amazing! Let the right music energize your routine and notice the uplift in your performance and overall enjoyment.

Fitness Tips #2 - Mood

Push Fitness Tips #2) Mood: Cultivating the Right Attitude

To enhance your fitness journey, adopt the right mood – it’s one of the key fitness tips for exceptional workout sessions!

What To Do: 

Watching workout videos on social media can offer a burst of inspiration, showing you the rewards of dedication and hard work. These visuals serve as compelling motivation, reminding you of what’s achievable with perseverance. Involving your social circle is another valuable, but oft overlooked fitness tip. Communicating your workout plans to friends and family instills a sense of accountability. This social engagement is not just about sharing your goals; it’s about integrating community support into your fitness strategy, which can significantly boost your commitment.

What are the benefits of mood boosting to your workout routine?

  • Sustains Your Positive Mindset: Research suggests that a positive approach to workouts can lead to more effective and enjoyable sessions. This mindset, cultivated through engaging with motivational content and social sharing, helps you set the tone, fulfill it in your session, and create a positive feedback loop that leads to a consistently positive mindset around your routine.
  • Synergize With Like Minds: The synergy of social media, personal networks, and a positive attitude is a dynamic combination, offering powerful fitness tips for both physical and mental preparation. By embracing these elements, you’re setting yourself up for a holistic fitness experience that encompasses both physical exertion and mental resilience.
  • Take Care of Your Mind, Too: Remember, the path to fitness involves more than just physical activity. It’s equally about nurturing the right mental attitude. These fitness tips are designed to enhance your overall exercise experience, making each workout more meaningful and impactful.

Fitness Tips #3 - Confident and Comfortable Clothes

Push Fitness Tips #3) Clothes for Confidence: Dressing for Success

Feeling confident in your workout gear is crucial. Pick clothes you feel good in! 

One of the most essential, but often overlooked fitness tips for enhancing your workout experience is choosing the right attire. It’s not just about the look; it’s about feeling confident and comfortable in what you wear. When you feel good in your workout clothes, you’re more likely to have a successful fitness session.

What are the benefits of dressing for your workout routine?

  • Increase Confidence, Increase Performance: Research in sports psychology suggests a strong connection between self-confidence and performance. This principle is equally applicable in fitness scenarios. Athletes who dress in a way that boosts their confidence tend to perform much better. This is because self-confidence facilitates better concentration, increased effort, and goal achievement​​. (Source) 
  • Increase Quality, Increase Performance: The concept of ‘sharp looks boost confidence’ is backed by fitness experts who point to the psychological benefits of wearing workout clothes that make you feel strong and confident. High-quality materials in activewear not only enhance safety and comfort but also improve physical performance by increasing circulation and blood flow, reducing fatigue, and aiding in faster recovery. (Source)
  • Increase Readiness, Increase Performance: According to research, athletes’ confidence comes from various factors, including preparation and social support​​. (Source) In fitness, wearing clothes that signify readiness or connect you to a fitness community can enhance your sense of belonging and motivation. Dressing for success in fitness isn’t just about the physical aspect or having more comfort; it’s about creating a positive mental state that primes you for better performance. Feeling part of a motivated and focused community can elevate your workout routine​​. (Source) Therefore, choosing workout clothes that align with your fitness community or gym culture can enhance your sense of inclusion and motivation.

What To Do:

When selecting your workout gear, consider how it makes you feel. Does it make you feel strong and capable? If yes, it’s likely to improve your workout performance. Incorporating these fitness tips into your workout routine can significantly enhance your experience. Dress for physical activity but also dress for mental success. Get to know your body and what feels right. Ask your gym friends what brands they like and have their best workouts in. Make a shopping trip out of it (who said extra cardio steps can’t be at the mall?!) Next time you choose your workout clothes, think about these fitness tips and how your attire can positively impact your fitness journey.

Remember, your workout attire should boost your confidence, align with your fitness goals, and make you feel part of a community. 

Fitness Tips #4 - Visualization

Push Fitness Tips #4) Visualization: Pre-Workout Mental Preparation

Visualization techniques are widely used by athletes and can significantly enhance fitness performance. 

This mental strategy involves imagining yourself executing each exercise flawlessly, a practice that helps in building experience and confidence. Research has demonstrated that such mental rehearsal can improve performance in actual physical activities.

What To Do:

Visualize your success before even stepping into the gym.  Before starting your workout, take a moment to vividly imagine successfully completing your exercises. This mental practice can help in sharpening your focus, boosting your confidence, and ultimately enhancing your physical performance in the gym​​. Incorporating visualization into your fitness routine can be a very powerful tool that seems too good to be true! So here’s some research to help those who need any further convincing to try out visualization for their next sessions.

What are the benefits of visualization for your workout preparation?

  • Visuals Build Neural Pathways: A 1960 study found that mental practice – visualization – can be almost as effective as physical practice in developing motor skills, like basketball foul shots. In sports psychology, this method is known as “enclothed cognition,” which implies that imagining a task can stimulate the same neural pathways as physically performing it.
  • Visualization Applied Creates Acuity in Performance: A 1995 study on police recruits demonstrated the practical application of this technique in a real-world scenario. The study focused on integrating mental practice into firearm training, revealing that recruits who included mental rehearsal in their training significantly improved their marksmanship. They outperformed the control group by an average of 32.86 points.
  • Visuals Bridge Your Beliefs to Action: Intriguingly, the most substantial benefits from the 1995 study that were observed in the recruits, were those who believed in the effectiveness of mental practice. This is likely because this belief motivated them to engage more deeply with both the mental and physical aspects of their training. This finding highlights the symbiotic relationship between mental preparation and physical performance, suggesting that a strong belief in the process can enhance its effectiveness.

For fitness enthusiasts, integrating visualization into workout routines can improve focus, technique, and confidence. Mental rehearsal not only prepares the mind but also creates a neural blueprint that can aid in actual physical performance.

While visualization is not a substitute for physical training, it is a valuable complement that can enhance the quality of your workouts. Incorporating visualization into your fitness regimen, alongside physical practice, can lead to the most symbiotic performance – mind and body – and a more focused workout experience.

Fitness Tips #5 - Planning

Push Fitness Tips #5) Plan: Structuring Your Workout Effectively

Structure, structure, structure! I couldn’t emphasize this any more – one of the most important fitness tips you’ll learn on your journey. Make sure you’re not winging it. 

Get the best results by going after each session with purpose! And patience – you’ll get your flow. Having a pre-planned workout is essential for a safe and effective session. A structured plan keeps you focused, ensures a balanced workout, and builds a foundation for future sessions.

What are the benefits of planning and structure for your workout sessions?

  • Plan Your Fitness Journey According to Goals: Planning your workouts in advance is not just a matter of organization; it is a strategic approach that can significantly enhance the effectiveness and safety of your exercise regimen. The importance of planning lies in its ability to translate the broad principles of sport and exercise science into practical, actionable steps tailored to individual needs and goals. A well-conceived workout plan allows for the systematic progression of exercises, ensuring that all aspects of fitness are addressed in a balanced manner. This approach mitigates the risks of overtraining and injury, while maximizing the benefits of each session.
  • Planning Leads to Measuring Results (And Better Results!): Scientifically, planned workouts are more likely to lead to consistent and measurable improvements in fitness. By setting clear objectives and structured routines, individuals can focus their efforts more efficiently, leading to better results. Planning also accommodates the principle of progression and adaptation, essential elements in any effective training program. With a structured plan, adjustments can be made to reflect improvements in fitness levels, ensuring that the workouts remain challenging and effective over time.
  • Put The Research Into Your Personal Fitness Plan: Scientific research in the field of sports and exercise science emphasizes the significance of creating personalized training plans based on the best available scientific evidence. However, it’s important to note that such plans often involve a mix of various interventions, like exercises and nutritional recommendations, which may change over time due to periodization or tapering. Therefore, while it’s nearly impossible to base an entire long-term training plan solely on scientific evidence, incorporating evidence-informed strategies is beneficial.
  • Personalize to Adapt More Effectively: A study from PubMed highlights that a training plan should be dynamic and adaptive, considering the individual’s response to the training intervention. This involves regular testing and monitoring of training variables to ascertain whether an individual is responding effectively to the training plan, allowing for adjustments as needed. When you take this approach, you emphasize the importance of your own individual needs and abilities as the primary considerations behind all decision-making in your fitness and training plan​​.
  • Flexibility and Patience for Your Personal Journey: The PubMed study above underscores the necessity of incorporating flexibility in the planning process. It suggests that it’s most important to adapt your plan according to your unique needs and responses to training. This means sometimes deviating from the most effective form of training might not align with your exact goals or progress. Give yourself structured flexibility.

A well-structured workout plan should be personalized and adaptable. It should consider your unique needs, abilities, and responses to ensure safety, effectiveness, and sustainability. If you integrate these principles, you can maximize the benefits of your workout sessions by a long shot – and especially over time!

What To Do:

Planning helps in maintaining motivation and adhering to all of your fitness tips and your exercise routine. Create a clear plan that provides a roadmap to success by setting milestones and broad goals that can keep you engaged and focused. Planning is a part of your long-term fitness and health goals, where consistency and persistence are key.

Fitness Tips #6 - Pre-Workout Nutrition

Push Fitness Tips #6) Fuel: Optimizing Pre-Workout Nutrition

One of the easiest ways to sabotage your fitness routine? Not properly fueling up for it. Don’t show up for your workout hungry!

Eating the right balance of nutrients, especially some complex carbs, before a workout can have a huge effect on the type of workout you have. Of all fitness tips, this tip has the most influence on your fitness regimen, when you decide to ignore or not follow this principle. Proper pre-workout nutrition fuels the energy needed to power through your session and achieve your best. A sound nutrition plan prior to working out provides support to muscle function, and the more you optimize how you fuel up for your body – the more effective your workout outcomes you will have.

What are the benefits of pre-workout nutrition in your workout sessions?

  • Complex Carbs Support Your Muscles: Incorporating complex carbohydrates and proteins into pre-workout meals can be especially beneficial. Carbohydrates are crucial as they provide a readily available energy source, while proteins support muscle repair and growth. This combination ensures that the body is adequately fueled and ready for the physical challenges of a workout.
  • Proper Nutrition is Key in Intense Workouts: The effectiveness of pre-workout nutrition lies in its ability to fuel the body for intense exercise sessions. A study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition examined the impact of a pre-workout supplement containing caffeine, creatine, and amino acids during high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It was found that such supplementation might enhance both aerobic and anaerobic performance. This improvement is likely due to providing necessary nutrients that support energy production and muscle endurance, so you should always aim to include foods naturally high in amino acids, like eggs. Which are also an easy, quick snack to prep!
  • Balance with a Variety of Nutrients: Another study in the International Journal of Medical Sciences covered the effects of a multi-ingredient pre-workout supplement on physical performance, body composition, and subjective workout experience. The results indicated that pre-workout supplementation could positively influence muscle performance and overall training experience. This is particularly relevant for those seeking to maximize their workout efficiency and effectiveness, as the right balance of nutrients can prepare the body for the physical demands of exercise, thereby enhancing performance​​, so you should keep your pre-workout meals varied, including different food groups and plenty of fruits and vegetables with complex carbs.

What To Do:

When planning your workout routine, don’t overlook the importance of pre-workout nutrition. What not to do? Do not skip eating or fueling up beforehand! Also, it’s a very important time to note that you should also make sure that you’re staying hydrated. Nutrition is a fundamental component to your health and fitness, and can send your journey in working out down a completely different path whether ignored or given specific attention. We think it’s one of the most essential fitness tips for anyone looking to enhance their performance.

For fitness enthusiasts seeking the best fitness tips, understanding the role of pre-workout nutrition and meals is absolutely key. It’s not just about eating something before a workout; it’s about consuming the right balance of nutrients that will optimize performance and recovery. This shared research supports the notion that a well-planned pre-workout meal or snack can significantly contribute to the effectiveness of your training session.

Fitness Tips #7 - Sharing and Support

Push Fitness Tips #7) Share Your Success: Creating a Supportive Community

Sharing your workout achievements can be incredibly motivating. Tell people you hit the gym!

Whether it’s through social media or personal conversations, celebrating your successes not only boosts your morale but also encourages others to pursue their fitness goals.

What are the benefits of a supportive community for your workout sessions?

  • Support Benefits Everyone: Creating a supportive community where you feel comfortable and excited to share your workout achievements, either through social media or personal interactions, creates a motivational ripple effect. This communal support not only boosts individual morale but also inspires others to pursue their fitness goals.
  • Community Achievements Boost Your Own Morale: The environment of a gym community, where people unite under a common fitness objective, fosters a sense of belonging and mutual support. Celebrating in such a setting enhances confidence and self-esteem, encouraging everyone to set and conquer more ambitious fitness goals. This shared sense of accomplishment bolsters a positive cycle of mutual motivation, where the success of one is celebrated as a victory for the entire community.
  • Community Creates Shared Knowledge, Advice & Lifelong Bonds: Shared experiences in a gym community extend beyond the physical exercises. They create a safe space for open communication, where members can discuss setbacks, seek advice, and exchange insights, contributing to collective growth. These interactions are not limited to the gym; they often lead to lifelong friendships and support networks that positively impact various life aspects, including fitness.

Fostering a supportive community is one of my favorite fitness tips. It’s one for anyone looking to enhance their exercise performance and overall health, but especially helpful for those who are lacking motivation. This tip builds into all of the others. 

What To Do: 

If you’re in the Bay Area of California – come hit the gym with Push Personal Fitness! 

If that’s not possible, of course, everybody on a serious journey for their fitness and health, should find a support system to be a part of – or start one if you can’t find one! Encouragement, and shared experiences within such a community can be found online, at your local gym or among your family and friends. Find or build this in a friendly environment that works for you, and it can play a massive role in motivating you to stay consistent, have more structure, learn new ways to exercise and reach more goals. (Source)

Fitness Tips #8 - Reward Yourself!

Push Fitness Tips #8) Reward Yourself: Celebrating Your Milestones

Reward yourself! 

This is a huge aspect of maintaining motivation. The practice of rewarding oneself can significantly enhance the motivation to persist with fitness routines and achieve long-term goals.

What To Do: 

Whether it’s a small treat, new gym clothes, or a relaxing post-workout routine, acknowledging your hard work is essential for staying motivated and committed to your fitness journey. Celebrate workout milestones through rewards for yourself, in small ways – or big ways too. Reward is a fundamental aspect of maintaining motivation. Highlight every big or small milestone in your fitness journey. Keep track of your workout routine session by session and set by set, so you can look back on your past workouts and celebrate how far you’ve come!

What are the benefits of celebrating your milestones along your workout journey?

  • Milestone Celebration is Pure Motivation: In behavioral science, positive reinforcement plays a crucial role in sustained engagement in physical activities. For instance, rewarding yourself after achieving a specific fitness goal, like completing a challenging workout or reaching a weight loss target, reinforces the behavior and encourages repetition of the desired action. This is supported by the principles of cognitive behavioral theory, which focuses on the connection between thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. By associating positive rewards with fitness activities, individuals can create a more favorable and motivated mindset towards their fitness journey. (Source)
  • Milestones Keep Reality in Check with Positive Perspective: Rewarding your fitness wins also aligns with social cognitive theory, which emphasizes the role of social contexts and external influences in shaping behaviors. You’ve probably never considered this, but it works like this… Seeing others achieve and be rewarded for their fitness goals can also inspire and motivate individuals to pursue similar achievements. What that practice in action underscores, though, is the importance of setting realistic and attainable goals (and followed by positive reinforcement upon achieving these goals). When you do this, it boosts self-efficacy but also increases the likelihood of successful changes in your routine.
  • Milestones Come in All Shapes & Sizes: Of all fitness tips, rewarding yourself can be implemented in the most various ways, and across an entire spectrum of types of milestones. For instance, after a month of consistent workouts, you might reward yourself with new gym attire or a massage. Every time you hit a new record in your fitness, you might celebrate with a healthy treat, like your favorite smoothie shop. Over time, after every time you rep increase for a specific exercise within your routine, you might reward yourself by snapping a picture to congratulate yourself in the moment – even if you never share it (although Fitness Tip #7 reminds why you totally should!). Even little rewards and recognitions for your progress, make a huge impact on sticking to your fitness journey.

Rewards act as tangible acknowledgments of your hard work and dedication, reinforcing your commitment to your fitness goals. It’s important to remember that while rewarding yourself is beneficial, the rewards should be aligned with your fitness goals and not counterproductive! For example, choosing a healthy treat over an unhealthy one as a reward would be more in line with your overall objective of improving fitness and health.

With these 8 Fitness Tips - You've Got This!

Apply These 8 Fitness Tips to Have Better Workouts More Often!

By incorporating these tips into your routine, you can transform your ordinary workouts into extraordinary fitness experiences. 

Each of our fitness tips in this article were hand-picked as our best of the best fitness tips to conquer your workout routine. Push Fitness designed this list to optimize all of the different aspects of your workout, from mental preparation to post-exercise celebration – for the long-haul – ensuring a more enjoyable and effective overall journey towards your fitness goals.