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Got a Pull-Up? Great, Let's get 10!

How many push-ups can you do? What about pull-ups? These exercises are some of the oldest bodyweight exercises out there. There are all kinds of contests and challenges built around how many can be done. Anyone who can do 10+ perfect pull-ups is sure to impress even the most seasoned gym-goers. Can only do 1? No problem, read on to learn how to add more reps to your sets in just weeks!

Drop and Give Me...Ten?

Do number of repetitions matter? YES! Why do all ten reps if you don't have to...

Stand-Up Straight, Without Even Trying

Want to instantly look 10 pounds thinner? Easy, stand up straight! Good posture changes the way people percieve you. You look thinner, taller, and more confident...without shedding a pound!! But, keeping your shoulders pulled back and chin up isn’t necessarily easy to maintain. Luckily, it is easy to train! If you work a desk job, you’ve likely developed hunched shoulders and a tight chest. Sitting has caused a posture epidemic, reverse it easily with these simple stretches and corrective exercises.

Let's EAT!

Have you ever seen an obese zebra? Neither have I, and there’s a darn good reason for it: they graze. Skipping meals is an emerging habit for many Americans. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that skipping breakfast is contributing to an unhealthy eating cycle that will inevitably slow their metabolism and cause a dreaded weight-gain.

Getting a Pull Up

If I had to pick one upper body exercise to train forever, it would be the pull up. The pull up is a concrete demonstration of upper-body strength. Pull ups differ from other exercises because not everyone can do one! So, unlike a deadlift that anyone can work on with just 10 pounds, how do you work your way up to a single mighty pull up and start doing "the upper body squat?"

Approaching the Turkey Table

If you've been eating clean and training dirty, calorie-rich holiday food may seem like the enemy.

But, you don't have to deprive yourself! You can eat that pecan pie and stay on track with your fitness goals! If you're worried about the will-power to walk by mashed potatoes, put your fears aside. We'll all be eating pie, but first thing's first:

My Quest to Squat

All hail the squat.

Touted as the best exercise in existence, the squat is the most natural movement humans perform. If you sit, you squat. It is the platform for every quad-dominant exercise out there and all my clients perform some variation of it every single week. If you’re not squatting, start. No exercise will reward or change your body at a faster pace, so long as you keep good form.

What is a Set Point?

Did you know, no matter your size, your body has a weight-range it is fighting to maintain? Your body will go to extreme measures to stay there, making you excessively hungry, tired, and frustrated. You can take control and lower that range.

The 5 Best Exercises You’re Not Doing

People don't have time to work out. We live in an exceedingly busy society and sometimes it seems there's hardly time for our family, kids, spouse, and even less for ourselves! Exercise takes the back-seat in most people's day, because well, hey--we have lives to lead! That's why I'm sharing the 5 exercises that, all by themselves, will take your body to the next level. No extra lifts needed.

The Truth About Belly Fat

The main goal for the most people trying to lose weight is specifically shedding abdominal fat. As a nation we are fixated on the forever-envied 6-pack. We all want smaller waists and flatter abs but most people have the wrong approach to get there. They end up frustrated and hopeless when their genuine fitness efforts do not leave them taking any inches off their waistline. Don't waste your precious workout time doing exercises that don't suit your specific goals and start losing belly fat today.


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