Fitness Buzzwords: Busted

Beware! The marketing of processed carbs as “healthy” is as savvy as the trend that led to your neon-laced gym shoes. It’s always the same product, but every year they label it according to your perceptions. Granola, for example, could be low fat, all-natural, dairy-free, no sugar added, trans-fat free, gluten free, heart healthy, rich in fiber, a great source of vitamins and high protein. Wow! Sounds amazing right? Yep, that’s how millions of boxes of sugar-laden cereal are eaten guilt-free every single day. Guess what? It’s still processed carbs.

The Ultimate Supplements for Your Health and Fitness

Once on-board a formal exercise program, people are motivated to do everything in their power to keep seeing those rewarding results. Reach for these nutritious supplements next time you’re at the grocery to increase your fat burn, ward off cravings, and reduce your risk of disease.

Fight Food Cravings

You’re doing well on your diet. You’ve been watching your calories, getting enough protein, limiting carbs, and the scale shows it. You go out and something tempts you. It’s preoccupying. The fun stops. You tell yourself, “ONE slip won’t change anything!” You cave and then the guilt sets in. The promises for “next time” start and you fear the next weigh-in.

Stop the cycle with these five steps.

Let's EAT!

Have you ever seen an obese zebra? Neither have I, and there’s a darn good reason for it: they graze. Skipping meals is an emerging habit for many Americans. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that skipping breakfast is contributing to an unhealthy eating cycle that will inevitably slow their metabolism and cause a dreaded weight-gain.

What is a Good Diet?

Unlike other addictions, food is especially challenging because you can’t cut it out of your life. You need it to survive and you have to face it every day, several times a day. Changing food encounters from indulgence to choice is both the hardest and most important thing you will do for your health. It is the health habit that will make or break your fitness progress.

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