Shoulders. Yep, That’s The Title.

I bet you’d rather be doing abdominal and core work but, if you think about it, shoulder width greatly improves how slim your waistline looks. Waistline appearance is heavily influenced by its size relative to the rest of your body. It’s all about proportions! When you increase your shoulder and hip mass your waistline appears smaller! Not only is it slimming, it’s functional. Also, it’s really nice when it’s easy to hold things over your head in real life. You’ll be surprised how light your world feels when you’ve been lifting heavy weights.

Ease Knee Pain and Build Bulletproof Knees

My first non-competitive mode of fitness (outside of things like PE) was running. Long ago, I discovered that with the right music, I loved to run. It was fantastic because I enjoyed it, it kept me fit, and I didn’t need a gym. I ran daily, which I now know was a big mistake. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before I started to experience knee pain. Initially, I pushed through it, proud of “toughing it out.” But, eventually it became so debilitating that I had to quit altogether. It was not until I became a fitness professional that I learned simple steps to take to acquire and maintain pain-free, bulletproof knees.

Stand-Up Straight, Without Even Trying

Want to instantly look 10 pounds thinner? Easy, stand up straight! Good posture changes the way people percieve you. You look thinner, taller, and more confident...without shedding a pound!! But, keeping your shoulders pulled back and chin up isn’t necessarily easy to maintain. Luckily, it is easy to train! If you work a desk job, you’ve likely developed hunched shoulders and a tight chest. Sitting has caused a posture epidemic, reverse it easily with these simple stretches and corrective exercises.

My Quest to Squat

All hail the squat.

Touted as the best exercise in existence, the squat is the most natural movement humans perform. If you sit, you squat. It is the platform for every quad-dominant exercise out there and all my clients perform some variation of it every single week. If you’re not squatting, start. No exercise will reward or change your body at a faster pace, so long as you keep good form.

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