Fitness Buzzwords: Busted

Beware! The marketing of processed carbs as “healthy” is as savvy as the trend that led to your neon-laced gym shoes. It’s always the same product, but every year they label it according to your perceptions. Granola, for example, could be low fat, all-natural, dairy-free, no sugar added, trans-fat free, gluten free, heart healthy, rich in fiber, a great source of vitamins and high protein. Wow! Sounds amazing right? Yep, that’s how millions of boxes of sugar-laden cereal are eaten guilt-free every single day. Guess what? It’s still processed carbs.

Approaching the Turkey Table

If you've been eating clean and training dirty, calorie-rich holiday food may seem like the enemy.

But, you don't have to deprive yourself! You can eat that pecan pie and stay on track with your fitness goals! If you're worried about the will-power to walk by mashed potatoes, put your fears aside. We'll all be eating pie, but first thing's first:

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