Shoulders. Yep, That’s The Title.

I bet you’d rather be doing abdominal and core work but, if you think about it, shoulder width greatly improves how slim your waistline looks. Waistline appearance is heavily influenced by its size relative to the rest of your body. It’s all about proportions! When you increase your shoulder and hip mass your waistline appears smaller! Not only is it slimming, it’s functional. Also, it’s really nice when it’s easy to hold things over your head in real life. You’ll be surprised how light your world feels when you’ve been lifting heavy weights.

The Ultimate Supplements for Your Health and Fitness

Once on-board a formal exercise program, people are motivated to do everything in their power to keep seeing those rewarding results. Reach for these nutritious supplements next time you’re at the grocery to increase your fat burn, ward off cravings, and reduce your risk of disease.

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