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I was thinking about how much I hate the workouts at the start of the month, but always feel so strong come weeks 3 and 4. It really is amazing how quick change happens. Thank you for all your help this year! It has really helped me begin to feel like "myself" again. Looking forward to more progress next year!

Monica Cluin


I really enjoy working with Laila. The great thing about her is she knows how to push you without being, for lack of a better word, militant. She's never in your face or anything like that, but she makes you want to work hard and get the best out of yourself. Prior to training with her, if I tried to work out on my own, I would almost always go easy on myself and make excuses ("oh, I'm tired today; I should take it easy"). However, when training with her, she reminds me why I'm doing this in the first place, and motivates me to work harder.

She's very knowledgeable on the nutrition side of fitness as well, and makes sure you're sticking to the diet goals you've laid out at the beginning. After just a month or two I started seeing significant results in terms of building muscle and losing weight. Not only that, but working out with her got me in the habit of exercising regularly, and I feel so much better today than before I started working out. She's definitely an asset to anyone!

Kevin Woodling
Software Engineer, Oracle


In 2010 I had total hip replacement surgery in both legs. After a year of recovery I wanted to get myself in back in shape. So in January 2011 I bought a gym membership and started a workout routine of 2 hours 3 days a week. I started seeing some results but after a year wasn’t satisfied with my progress and wanted to get some advice. I spoke with the gym’s owner and he recommended a free session with a trainer. That was my first encounter with Lalia Ajani.

Our first meeting was only 30 minutes long and I was very skeptical I would see any results, especially since we only worked with body weight. But the next day I was proven very wrong when I felt muscle soreness over my entire body. I was amazed at what she could do in only 30 minutes so I decided to take the plunge and sign up for a 6 month schedule with Lalia. I can’t lie - I expected I would regret this decision as a waste of money but was willing to give it a try.

Every session with Lalia was eye opening! I was amazed at how in 30 minutes she could accomplish more than I was able to do in 2 hours. Lalia was instrumental in educating me how to workout more efficiently and helping to educate me in the importance of diet . I’ve seen major results in my body and strongly recommend Lalia as a trainer. You won't regret it!

Tony Edwards
Faculty University of Texas at Austin


After reviewing Laila's credentials, I was pleased to hire her as my personal trainer. I originally hired her to build bone density, but after a short period of time, it was so much more than bone density building. It was also confidence building! She knew I could do things that I never thought I could ever achieve.

I went from not being able to do a pull-up in November to doing 4 consecutive, unassisted pull-ups in June the following year. Additionally, my dead lifting weight went from 90 pounds in November to 200 pounds the following June! I have noticed several positive changes in my sports' performances, as I have more endurance, I am stronger, faster, jumping higher, and I have more energy than before training with her. I can't thank her enough, Laila knows her stuff and she won't let you down. I am confident in saying that she would definitely be able to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Sheila Wiora
M.A., Fitness and Human Performance
Triathlete and Marathoner


I've been training with Laila at Push Personal Fitness for around three months, with great results! She's helped me with everything from weight training to running stamina to agility work for an obstacle course. From the beginning she's been wonderful about working with my goals, whether it's doing a pull up or outrunning zombies. She's enthusiastic, flexible, and full of helpful tips, and has never made me feel discouraged or overwhelmed!!

Amanda Downum
Fantasy Fiction Author


I’ve used Personal Trainers in the past and did not have very good experiences. That all changed when I signed up to work with Laila. Not only is she an expert Trainer who also provides great nutritional advice, but she is just flat out a great person!

Laila does a great job changing up workouts so you don’t get bored and did such a great job that I actually looked forward to our workouts and was sad when they were over (unheard of!).

In close to a year of working together Laila never missed a session and was never even a minute late for a session, and she was always prepared with workout in hand.

Laila also is very responsive to texts and e-mail inquiries about fitness and nutrition and takes on the role of your Personal Trainer at all times, not just during the workout sessions.

In summary, after working with Laila for 10 months I cannot think of a single reason why someone looking for a great, reliable Personal Trainer would not sign up to work with Laila. I just wish she still lived in Texas!

Dan Fish
Manager at Genesys


Laila and I used to work together and have been friends for a while. During a lunch date one day, I asked her about helping me get back into working out. I wanted to get back into shape after having my daughter. I’m heavy and need to lose quite a bit of weight. So, I started working out with her and that’s when the magic happened.

She helped me reach goals that I never would have been able to do on my own. I was always self conscience about going to the gym but she helped me find my confidence to go workout and be just like one of those gym rats.

Laila sparked a fire in me and helped me change the way I think about food and health and fitness. I’m still working towards my goal but I’m thankful that Laila has given me all the tools I need to get there. I can’t thank her enough for what she’s done for me!

Sara Perez
Stay at Home Mom


I started training with Laila at Push Personal Fitness a few months ago for all the usual reasons (lose weight, look better, etc.).

I didn't realize how much of my exercise routine was garbage until Laila taught me the most effective and safe techniques. Instead of wasting my time on a bunch of individual machines, she explained the importance of compound lifts that activate WAAAY more muscles.

She's been great to work (out) with, for information and inspiration! I'd strongly recommend to anybody looking to turn their life around.

Network Engineer, Bay Area, CA


I heard about Push Personal Fitness through the grapevine. I've had personal trainers in the past and I've always felt kind of intimidated by them. It's tough to explain, but getting to the gym to do more than cardio is tough as a woman. When I started working with Laila, I knew it would be a positive experience! Laila is enthusiastic and knowledgeable, without being intimidating. She educated me about the benefits of lifting weight that go beyond the hour I used to spend on a treadmill or elliptical. Laila is very flexible to my needs and willing to discuss and help me confront my fears. She works with my schedule and finds unique ways to motivate me when we aren't in the gym. I have seen awesome results and I feel more confident than ever! I recommend Push Personal Fitness to anyone looking to take an active role in their fitness!

Emma Howard
Licensed Psychologist


I started working out this year in January and was doing really good until August. I just lost interest. For about a month I just wasn't working out. Then I met Laila and signed up for training. Push Fitness has rekindled that fire to work out. Laila works not only the physical side but also nutrition, stretching and motivation. I would recommend Push Fitness to anybody!

Charlie Tandy
Austin, TX


First off. I STRONGLY recommend Laila TO ANYBODY who has a specific health goal, is looking for a personal trainer, needs accountability or like myself, has ANY physical limitation or injury. Laila isn't just limited to knee pain. I saw her for a very complicated & severe injury/disability & I Couldn't have asked for a better experience. This was my first session so I wasn't sure what to expect. Especially since before my injury I come from a sports/athletic, military & personal training background but Laila made me feel comfortable from the get go. She was also very insightful, knowledgable & compassionate. She knew more about specific limitations & options for my condition than any physical therapist I've met & was friendlier than anybody I've dealt with throughout my 10 years being Disabled with Kaiser. The things I like best was the fact that it's very apparent that she isn't just about getting clients up like a lot of therapists or personal trainers I've met who only care about getting you signed up & doing the minimum to just keep you coming back (like a TYPICAL bad personal trainer or gym staff member that doesn't know your ne or any specifics on your physical state & only cares about getting you signed up) . She works WITH you. She went above & beyond with me. I would recommend her to EVERYBODY.

Kaveo Lilnld


It was a great experience! I would strongly recommend this to anybody who has knee pain problem.

Ankam Venkat


Great session- just the help I wanted.

Margaret Healy



Junchao Ma


Excellent - Laila had pertinent questions and covered a lot of ground in just a few minutes.. I'll be checking back in soon to go over progress!

Sarah Steele


Laila's great. She's very knowledgeable and helped me with my knee pain.

Robin Pierman


This was my second session with Laila.The two exercises that she suggested that I do the week before had a positive effect on my knee. I've made another appointment.

Larry Jolliffe Sr


I would recommend LAILA to anyone who wants some really good advice. She is very professional and has a lot of knowledge. I gained valuable information from her helpout for my knee and how to exercise it.

Sandeep Patel


Laila was a wonderful person to talk to. She knows a lot about muscle imbalance, and she suggested some good exercises to help me with my knee pain.

Rachida Dukes


Laila was great. Really friendly. Really helpful. Looking forward to our next conversation.

Ben Levi


Thanks Laila! Excellent advice and very easy to talk. She really knows her stuff! Can't wait to meet next!

Scott Clendaniel


She's so amazing for helping.

Feras Sarakbi


Laila is very knowledgeable as well as cheerful and friendly. She made feel feel very confident about the fact that I could address my knee pain even though it is a long standing issue.

Kathryn Nixon


Laila was really helpful and thorough. I look forward to receiving the exercises in my inbox and plan to implement them as well.

Yehudit Winiarz

Laila was really helpful. She provided a good list of exercises which I am going to try for a week and will see changes. Aside from exercise she also emphasized me on balanced nutritions as well

Vishwesh Gogate

Laila was great! She made me feel comfortable from the beginning, and I'm looking forward to seeing the exercises she sends over!

Laura Rothschild


Overal impression is very good. Laila saw my posture and gave me a few exercises to work on it. What's more, I got recommended exercises and posture fixes in e-mail after helpout. Nice!

Michał Brzeziński

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