Approaching the Turkey Table

It’s here! America’s most indulgent holiday, Thanksgiving, is upon us. If you’ve been working out and keeping active, it’s time to strategize how to approach the turkey table. Use these guidelines to enjoy the meal responsibly and avoid getting discouraged in your fitness endeavors.

1. Eat the turkey.
It sounds like a no-brainer, but white turkey meat should occupy at least a quarter of your plate, half would be better. It’s lean, rich in protein, and if I controlled your diet, it would be a staple.

2. Taste Everything.
But, portion control the sides and sweets. Small servings of your holiday favorites will cut calories while letting you enjoy once-a-year treats. Go for ½ helpings on casseroles and potatoes. For dessert, get a sampling of several and share with your table!

3. Make One Trip.
Resist the urge to go back for seconds. There will be plenty of yummy leftovers. If you must go back, have a conversation with someone and put about 20 minutes between servings.

4. Savor.
Enjoy every bite. Eating slowly will curb your cravings. Quickly consuming calorie and sugar rich foods does not give your body enough time to register the contents of the food you just ate.

5. Skip the guilt.
A big meal is the cornerstone of Thanksgiving…you’re supposed to indulge! The whole point is to enjoy a big delightful meal with loved ones, so enjoy it!! One calorie rich day, even when dieting, is not going to deter progress.

Remeber, failing to plan is planning to fail. How will your plate stack up on Thursday?