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Your Personal Training Journey: Push Fitness Session 1 – The Details

Make the First Step Towards Transformation! Kick-Start Your Fitness Journey with Personal Training

Push Fitness Session 1 – The Details

Becoming physically fit and leading a healthy lifestyle is considered one of the best investments we can make – for both mental and physical well-being. Yet with limitless fad diets, misleading myths, and workout routines blasted our way daily, creating sustainable, enjoyable habits seems utterly complicated to most. Where do we even begin when generic advice feels inapplicable to our unique bodies and lives? You can always turn to the guidance, efficiency and support found in starting a personal training journey with an experienced personal trainer.

Push Personal Fitness provides personal training programs to people of all fitness levels and body types, all with the goal of eliminating confusing guesswork and frustration by carefully evaluating clients’ needs, abilities, schedules, budget – and even personality and lifestyle – for a fitness program that makes sense and produces short and long term success.

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What do we begin in Session 1?

The kick-start Session 1 introduces personal training clients to the possibilities in customizable fitness training and basic holistic nutrition guidance. We dive right into building momentum with 3 key exercises that will follow them throughout their fitness journey. 

If you want to learn more about what exercises you’ll find in our personal fitness training programs, or what you should expect in your first sessions with a good personal trainer, then keep reading because this blog post is for you!

What we initiate in Sessions 1 is an understanding of lifestyle integration in a judgment-free environment along with the best foundational exercises to build from. Being in a comfortable environment makes a huge difference in how you begin your journey. Starting something new isn’t always comfortable, so we approach our fitness training, classes, and every body in our gym with the same level of respect, care, and responsibility. New clients receive comprehensive education, tangible tools and individual mentoring for establishing health-promoting patterns and techniques that will help you maintain long-term success. 

Push Fitness’s nuanced, personalized process redirects our fitness journeys to what vibrant, healthy living is meant to feel like. Isn’t it time you discovered your most comfortable path forward based on your unique makeup? This article outlines what exactly clients learn step-by-step across powerful Session 1.

Personal Training Session 1 – Exercise #1:

Mastering the Walking Lunge

Learn How to Do a Walking Lunge in Personal Training Session 1

Walking lunges help you step into the exercises on your personal training journey for good reason. As a functional exercise, they build total body strength while ingraining key stability skills. Focus especially on sticking the three Cs: control, coordination, and core activation. I’ll be right by your side for each rep, ensuring perfect form.

To start, we go step-by-step through purposeful positioning. Feet hip width apart, soft bend in both knees, engaged core, chest proud, eyes focused ahead. I’ll have you adjust and tune each detail before adding movement. Proper setup truly enables you to isolate the right muscles. Now bend one knee, dropping into a lunge until your front thigh is parallel to the floor. This bottom position is the descent, and this is where injuries happen without control. So descend s-l-o-w-l-y, taking your time while I coach you to keep your frame stacked. On descent, you don’t want to let your back knee touch down to the floor, and that will also help you avoid injury and wear on your knee.

Once you hit parallel, drive fiercely back up to standing by propelling from your front heel. This is the ascent and you can mobilize your natural energy in movement towards the ascent when you find your groove. Just like on the way down, you should accelerate up with intention. Awareness of your space, positioning and how your body is moving is speed. 

As we repeat on the other leg, play close attention to step length so you fall straight up and down. 

Now do it 10 more times perfectly! You should feel those glutes and quads burning while the core stays rock solid throughout. Expect wobbles at first – simply slow down further and I’ll correct your balance. We’ll nail 20 solid reps together in no time!

Walking Lunge Mastery:

  • Functional exercise builds total body strength and stability
  • Focus on the 3 Cs:
    • Control your movements
    • Coordinate your body
    • Activate your core
  • Proper setup enables isolating the right muscles:
    • Feet hip-width apart
    • Soft bend in knees
    • Engaged core
    • Chest proud
    • Eyes focused ahead
  • Descend s-l-o-w-l-y when lunging until front thigh is parallel (we may adjust depth if needed)
  • Don’t let back knee touch the ground
  • Drive back up by propelling from front heel
  • Pay attention to step length 
  • Expect wobbles at first, go slower to improve
  • Feel the burn in glutes and quads as core stays engaged
  • Goal is 20 solid reps with excellent form

Personal Training Session 1 – Exercise #2:

Build Upper Body with Barbell Bench Press

Learn How to Do a Bench Press in Personal Training Session 1

Alright, time to tackle the ultimate upper body strengthener! In personal training, it’s great advice to start off with foundational exercises that can be done with minimal equipment, later built upon, and that work important muscle groups in the onset. Bench pressing works your chest, shoulders, triceps, and supporting back muscles in one glorious movement when executed just right. That’s why we invest time to meticulously master barbell bench press form.

Consider me your coach, spotter, and cheerleader as you learn to press like a pro!

I’ll have you start sitting tall on the bench’s edge so we can walk through the setup together.

Plant both feet firmly, pull your shoulders down and back to engage those lats, and grab the bar just outside shoulder width. As you lay back, keep your feet rooted and core braced to create rigidity across your whole body. This tightness is everything for transferring max power from your legs to the bar! I’ll guide your grip width and bar path until we nail the sweet spot.

When you finally lift off the rack, take a huge belly breath to brace harder, pull the bar to your lower chest, then drive back up in a controlled motion. We’ll stick to lighter weights while warming up.  Use a controlled descent to keep those stabilizers engaged rather than “crashing” down. Explode up fast using leg drive to initiate. Repeat, exhaling at the top each time. Rest. Repeat.  

We’ll complete 3 sets together after the warm ups so you truly own the movement. Over time, we speed up descent and lower rep ranges to keep gaining strength. For now, stick to textbook form – back arched, feet grounded, core braced, smooth bar path. You’ll be bench pressing like a pro in no time!

Bench Press Mastery:

  • Works chest, shoulders, triceps, and back muscles when form is perfected
  • Must invest time to meticulously master form
  • Start on bench to walk through setup
  • Plant feet firmly
  • Pull shoulders down and back to engage lats and abs
  • Grab bar just outside shoulder width
  • As you lay back, keep feet rooted and brace core for rigidity
  • Tightness transfers max power from legs to bar
  • Coach will guide grip width and bar path
  • Lift off rack, huge belly breath to brace harder
  • Lower bar to lower chest, control it on descent
  • Explode bar back up, initiated with leg drive
  • Use controlled descent, fast explosive ascent
  • Low reps per set, exhale at the top
  • Rest will be determined by bar speed on the last rep
  • Complete 3 perfect sets to own the movement
  • Progressively speed descent and increase weight

Personal Training Session 1 – Exercise #3:

Finish Strong! Build in the Bent Over Row

Bent Over Row in Personal Training Session 1

The final big movement of your personal training Session 1 with the bent over row (we may do other things too depending on how well you take to the first three)- an ideal complement to pressing that rounds out your upper back, rear shoulders, and biceps development. Pack those shoulder blades, engage your core, soften those knees.

Have I mentioned everything starts with getting set?

Grab a pair of dumbbells once you can nail that posture without compensation. Initiate each rep by squeezing back muscles first, then drive elbows skyward while keeping them tucked close. We want to isolate those working areas, not rely on momentum from rocking the torso.

Go slowly, visualizing the contraction across different back regions. I’ll remind you nonstop to keep shoulders packed, core engaged, and hips hinged just right throughout.

Let’s start with 3 sets of 10 reps with a lighter weight, allowing time between sets to correct anything compensation related.

Over time, we may increase rest periods and increase load to build dynamic strength endurance critical for sports performance. But today, simply focus on proper positioning and muscle activation. Master the basics now so they become second nature.

Bent Over Row Mastery:

  • Ideal complement to pressing, rounds out upper back, shoulders, biceps
  • First master position before weights:
    • Pack shoulder blades
    • Engage core
    • Soften knees
  • Initiate each rep by squeezing back muscles first
  • Keep elbows tucked close as you drive them skyward
  • Isolate muscles without torso momentum
  • Visualize contraction across back regions
  • Maintain posture with packed shoulders, engaged core, proper hip hinge
  • Start lighter for 3 sets of 10 reps
  • Allow time between sets to correct form
  • Alter rest periods and add weight over time
  • For now, focus only on positioning and activation
  • Mastering basics enables future strength gains

Session 1 Begins Your Personal Training Journey for Long Term Fitness and Wellness

The weeks and months after Session 1 offer so many chances to advance!

But rather than overwhelm you with future exercises, my goal is ensuring you walk out today feeling confident and capable for long term health and success with personal training. You’re now more familiar with these three essential exercises and what to expect in your first session with a personal trainer. Over time, we will build off of these exercises and muscle groups, increase reps or weights, and continue to integrate your new confidence!

Build on Core Stability

These movements provide you with key stability concepts carrying you forward in your fitness journey, with an emphasis in core strength to lead the way. All of these exercises also work hard to build your core strength, which will help you gain stability (and confidence!) and ability, in future movements. No doubt, that goes for exercises in and out of the gym.

Build with Strong Understanding of the Basics

In Session 1 we will execute what I’ve demonstrated here in this post, and this will help lay the groundwork for so much strength building through the future. I’ve chosen these exercises as key foundational exercises that will activate areas and muscle groups (and muscle memory in no time!) that will be a rock in your individualized personal training program as you continue.
I’ve created these Sessions and decided to share them with you here so you can get an idea of what to anticipate at your first session and beyond. Anybody who is thinking about engaging in personal training in order to tackle their fitness goals can benefit from this information, get an understanding of why the basics in strength training is the best place to begin, and hopefully, can help you keep visualizing perfect form as you get started.

Build with More Mastery on Personal Training to Come:

Stay tuned for the next blog post that I’ll be sharing covering the topics and exercises found in Session 2 at Push Personal Fitness. To sign up for your first session of personal training with Push Personal Fitness, get in touch with Laila here to schedule Session 1!

You’ve totally got this! Now go rock those new skills as you continue your incredible journey with personal training!