Stand-Up Straight, Without Even Trying

I suppose it is okay if you read this sitting down, but let’s at least put you in a good posture position to start!

First, go ahead and stand up, we’ll sit back down in a minute. Now, imagine a beam of light originating at the tip of your nose. Look up, and point that beam directly above you. Without changing the position of your shoulders or spine, return your neck to a neutral position and sit down. That is a posture check and you are currently sitting with perfect posture. Grats, now let’s learn to make that the norm!

1. Stretch your chest.
Stand up and interlace your fingers, palms up, behind you. Roll your shoulders back, pick your chin up, and try to pull your hands to the ceiling without bending at the hips. This can be done anywhere, try to make a habit of it wherever you are! It’s ideal for waiting in line at the grocery store, between sets at the gym, or during coffee breaks at work. Hold for 45 seconds.

2. Work your back
Almost any back exercises will do the job, but my personal favorites are close-grip rows, inverted rows, bent over rows, and of course pull-ups. This alone will have a dramatic effect on the way you stand.

3. Stretch your hip flexors
To stretch your hip flexors, take one giant step forward and lunge until your rear knee is resting on the floor. Press your hip toward the ground until you feel a stretch in the hip of the leg extended behind you. Hold for 45 seconds on each leg.

4. Face Pull
Set a resistance band or rope attachment on a pulley at eye level or higher. Grasp two handles with palms down and pull directly towards your face. At the end of the movement, your hands should be next to your ears. Perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

POSTURE CHECK! Are you still sitting upright? If not, no worries, that’s what this list is for! Perform this series at least three times per week and you’ll soon have your best foot forward at every encounter.